2020 Toyota GR Yaris Mirror Riser

Files for 3D printing – final version

Hint: The dimensions for 3D printing might need to get scaled, original measurements are L 37mm x W 39mm x H 34mm

Files for CNC milling – final version


In the part is a hole for a M5 screw. Please use a 4.2mm drill bit and a M5 thread cutter. The screw is used to mount the mirror riser to the bracket in the window.

Mirror Riser Cover

At the highest setting you can get ~1.8cm more space between Media Center and mirror. Unfortunately you cant use the OEM cover when using this riser.

There is a 3D printable cover available here: https://tgrperformance.com/mirror-riser-cover/
You can download our adjusted cover here

View in the car